Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep Collecting Comics

Stay Calm & Keep Collecting Comic Books
I’ve never heard the words “she loves me for my comic books,” or “first you get the comic books, then you get the girl.” I have to ask myself then, if all men think only about women, why do they love their comic books so much? And, why are they not afraid to show it? Comics seem to be more of a girl replacement than of an aphrodisiac. I do not think women find comic books cute, despite opposing opinions. I believe comic book story lines, their history and their eye appeal are three of the reasons for their attraction to most men. I suggest it’s better not getting caught up in the stress of women vs. comic books. Every other person on this planet is female, but how many mint Spiderman first issues are there? Men search for their past in very peculiar ways and comic books seem to bring back a time of innocence and escape from a complicated world. I remember youthful days in the summer, taking walks to my favorite local drug store to see what new comics were in their twirling display. A great afternoon was simple, pay $15 for my favorite comic, but only after reading eight others and putting them back on the shelf.
Today, just the thought of going to a bookstore on a weekend to see the new selection of comics, this alone can brighten my entire week. From past to present, the comic book stories will be similar. The good guys save the world, but they consistently allure a partial mystery. Maybe it’s because men will always have an attitude of chivalry, just like their favorite superheroes. Independence in women may be battling against that male attitude, but in comics, men can dream of the days when saving the damsel in distress was a good thing. Men can be all about history; buying antique cars, collecting vintage comics, restoring old homes… these are some of the healthy ways men might cope with the stress of increasing age. Remembering our past, if even through vintage comic books, is a key component to becoming a better person. Some may call it a midlife crisis, but it’s not a crisis; it’s a way to bring one’s personalized culture to the surface for others to experience. It is an enjoyment of life, too, remembering one’s youth. So, using products from the past helps to assist in that remembrance process. I feel comics have the same impact on an individual’s history, as do photographs. Regardless of the philosophy behind the search for a man’s past, comic books are just damn entertaining, whether in the past or the present.
Besides, you cannot deny the artistry of comic books. The color, the balance, and the eye appeal makes comic books more like works of art than a disposable source of entertainment, for which they were designed. Consider this: Why do we keep comic books and discard newspapers? One can argue that the stories in newspapers are more accurate and contain more current events and have better story lines. So why do we read and toss the newspaper, but after reading comic books we neatly put them into a protective sleeve, safely box them and store them in a climate-controlled environment? Both products are made from the same material. Both products cost about the same price, but one gets tossed in a landfill and the other gets treated better than their partner. Each comic is a piece of art, and the beauty of it is a key factor in the decision to toss or save.
Whatever the reasons are for collecting comic books and taking chances, it will never lead to a harem of women and I applaud the decision to stand up for something bigger than public opinion. Comic books are a part of history in our country and the enjoyment they bring to the collector is stronger than what some people might think of collectors for collecting them. I assert that if more people show pride in what they believe and enjoy, one day that will become a public opinion. Stay collecting; we are all in this together.
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  1. I just discovered cardsone and was very very impressed but I felt like I need to comment on this and say My wife actually collects her own comics so I feel pretty blessed but I do wish we could settle the batman vs. superman debate


      The debate continues...